Is it possible to save my marriage?

You might have a lot of doubt at this time and might think: “Is it possible, or even worth it to try?” You are not alone. Many couple in crises feel like you. I am working daily with couples who are torn apart by non-existing communication, lack of empathy and many other factors that can cause a marriage crisis. To answer your question, yes, it is possible, if you put your all into it. EVEN IF your spouse wants a divorce or asks you to stop trying. I created a method that will help you in getting your spouse back and make them really WANT to come back.


What is the difference between Marriage Coaching vs. Marriage Counseling?

While marriage counseling focuses on the past we are focusing on the future. We don’t play the blame game. At this point your spouse has created many negative beliefs about you. We will help you to show your mate the real you. We will use communication techniques that have helped millions of couples to save their marriage. Why not save yours, too?


How to choose a Relationship Coach that fits me?

I highly recommend starting with a free session. It is true, not everyone will be a fit for me and my methods. We need to connect. Only if you connect with your coach will his or her methods truly work.


Why are free consultation calls important?

During this call we will get to know each other. We will prepare a meaningful plan on how to save your marriage. We will be able to get to know each other and then decide, if we are a good fit.


From the time I start marriage coaching, how long does it take to see real results?

This depends a lot on the situation you are in. Based on my experience in average you will see the first positive results after 6 weeks. During our consultation call I will be able to give you a clearer idea on how long I recommend you work with this program.


Does it help to pray to save my marriage?

I believe that God is the creator of marriage and therefore according to what I have seen he wants your marriage to thrive and he wants you to be happy. In my experience, turning to God during a marriage crisis can help.


Why do you offer relationship, life and career coaching, if you only talk about marriage?

Sometimes, couples or individuals in a marriage crisis come to me, but don’t really need a relationship coach. In very extreme circumstances there is no communication possible between the one reaching out and their mate. In these cases, I might recommend a different approach to marriage coaching.


Will my methods always work 100% of the time?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our methods will be successful in 100% of cases. However, our success rate is extremely high, and we do guarantee that we will make every effort to help you to save your marriage.