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About us

Hello there, I am Sebastian Van Lengen. Let me introduce myself with all the information on what is it that I do exactly, how can it affect your life, and to what extent.

First thing first; I am a professional and highly experience personal life coach and career coach from HighUp Coaching. I have been helping people with the problem they are facing in their lives bringing out their positive self by helping them figure out the true aspects of their troubles since 2000. My own life experience has taught me first-hand how to find the root of the cause by dissecting the matter in hand.

My programs are tried and tested and crafted in a manner that does not force you to choose a certain direction in your life rather resolve the base reasons for your failure at marriage, career, or life so that you can take charge of your own life with full vigor and confidence.

You need to realize that anyone can have problems in their personal life or their career. This does not make you any less of a person. All you have to do is break free of these setbacks and get back into life unleashing your full potential. And if you have already acknowledged your problems then you are already a step ahead in your road to recovery. Come join me and take back full control of your life once again. You can determine if you really need the help of a life coach with our free session online. Talk to me, let me help you have a positive experience, and then decide for yourself if you can do this on your own or you need help. I am here to help and support you throughout the whole process, guiding you to recovery.

In my 20 long years of being a life coach, I have developed the skills of relationship coaching, career caching, and more through thorough research on the scientific findings of these aspects of human life. I have studied Couple’s therapy, development psychology, personality theory, and many other aspects that are essential to serving as a good life coach. My programs are crafted according to the needs of my clients. These personalized methods and tools are extremely effective in identifying and resolving the deep-seated issues in your life. I will guide you to your desired goals offering my full support and assistance.